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GW’s students, faculty and alumni provide myriad federal agencies with expertise, leadership and human capital to advance groundbreaking policies and programs for immediate impact.


Internship opportunities

For decades, thousands of bright and energetic GW student interns have provided essential assistance to virtually all levels of the federal government. Not least were GW’s recent crop of 13 White House interns—more than any other school in the nation. You can read about them here.

If you are a Congressional Office, Agency or Association looking for a GW student to intern, or if you are a GW student looking for an internship at the Federal level, please contact us at (202)-994-0452. We are happy to facilitate great opportunities.

GW testimony experts

Our expert faculty members—including many former and current senior government officials—work closely with federal agencies and are often called upon to serve on national boards, task forces and committees, as well as testify at congressional hearings.

To find a GW expert, contact the Office of Government and Community Relations at (202)-994-0452 or browse the following list:

GW Expert Finder

Congressional Resources:

Executive Branch and Relevant Agency Resources