Community Partnerships

photo of DC Grant School

DC Public Schools (DCPS) 

Ever since the founding of the Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts at GW over 40 years ago, the university has been deeply committed to our city's public schools. Duke students utilize GW facilities, professors, library and programs for their academic work. Similarly, GW is intimately involved at the School Without Walls. Located on GW's campus and renovated by the university in 2012, Walls’ students share all GW facilities, benefit from GW professors’ teachings, and many even take courses at GW to earn a GW Associates Degree with their high school diploma. In addition, GW's Graduate School for Education and Human Development has offered expertise to support accelerated reforms, which have helped DCPS become the most improved public school system in the nation. GW students, faculty, and staff volunteer frequently to help DCPS students with their academics. To date, GW has provided more than $20 million in scholarships to DC high school students to attend GW.

DC Department of Health (DOH) 

For more than 50 years, GW Hospital, School of Medicine & Health Sciences and Milken Institute for Public Health have partnered with DOH to improve the health of the city’s residents, including HIV/AIDS surveillance and treatments, ending cancer disparities among people of color, ending the high rate of "Diabesity" (Obesity leading to Diabetes) and promoting healthy lifestyles.  GW also has a seat on the board of Unity Health Care, the largest health clinic in the city, serving over 100,000 at-risk residents. GW students, faculty and staff also volunteer frequently, helping DC remain one of the healthiest cities in America. 

Academics in the Community 

GW School of Business students help facilitate Lemonade Day DC, which teaches DC schoolchildren how to apply entrepreneurial thinking and create the foundation for future success in the global economy. Fourth through seventh grade students are mentored as they set up, own, and operate their own lemonade stands across the District, ultimately helping them become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow.